Family Kitchen was founded in 1986 by four women from Trinity Episcopal Church who felt the need to reach out to the community after the local mill shut down. They were concerned that, with the lack of local work, there would be a need for free meals. They were right.

Today, Family Kitchen serves three dinners and four lunches each week. We are averaging 4,600 meals per month and have over 300 volunteers involved in our efforts. We are grateful for the funding we receive from corporations, churches, individuals, independent groups and grant organizations.

We are governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees:

President, David Butler, Retired Psychologist
Vice President, Margi Robberson, Retired Educator/Community Volunteer
Treasurer, Lee McGee, Retired HP Executive
Trustee, Sherry Ortega, Realtor, Bend Premier Real Estate
Trustee, Letty Lees, Retired Operations Executive
Trustee, Paul Primak, Retired University Programs Director
Trustee, Peter Lovering, Retired Construction Company Manager
Trustee, Daniel Bileddo, Emergency Room Nurse
Trustee, Bill Silliman, Retired Exxon Executive